Tools and consulting for CANopen CiA447, Car Add-on Devices, OneBox Single Vehicle Architecture (OBSVA)


Our full range of CiA447 products is listed below. For more details or to talk to us about any of these options please contact us.

cia447 gateway simulation

CiA 447 Simulation System

The CiA447 car add-on devices and gateway simulation runs on Windows(R) PCs with any PEAK CAN interface. The simulated gateway can be used for testing CiA447 devices without requiring the 'real' automotive gateway ECU. Simulated devices include a roof bar light & sound system as well as a univeral controller.

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canopen diag

CANopen Diag

The CANopen Diag is a compact, hand-held diagnostic and test device for entire CANopen networks as well as for single Devices Under Test (DUT). Being a dedicated hand-held device the CANopen Diag is especially suited for in-the-field use to perform diagnostic functions directly at machinery or vehicles.

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canopen magic main window

CANopen Magic

Debug and analyse the performance of your CANopen CiA447 nodes and network using the CANopen Magic monitor and analyser software. Use sophisticated trace filtering and node access to test all aspects of your network. Simulate nodes under development.

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microcanopen plus logo

MicroCANopen Plus for CiA 447 

MicroCANopen Plus for CiA447 is a CANopen source code solution providing all the advanced features required for CiA 447 implementations. Ports to various microcontroller architectures and their compilers are available.

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The 447izer - Instant Access to CiA 447 networks

The "447izer" concept gives exisiting devices an easy access to a CiA447 network. The "447izer" is available as chip or module and provides exisiting products and applications a regular UART serial channel via which access is provided to a CiA447 network. Through their versatile configuration options, a "447izer" can be turned into any CiA447 virtual device.

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