CiA447 Tools

Tools and consulting for CANopen CiA447, Car Add-on Devices,
OneBox Single Vehicle Architecture (OBSVA)

CiA 447 Simulation System

The CANopen CiA447 simulation system consists of a gateway simulation, an universal controller device and a roof bar light and sound device. All simulations run on Windows(R) PCs with any PEAK CAN interface. They can be used for testing CiA447 devices without requiring the 'real' automotive gateway ECU.

The CiA447 gateway simulation

The gateway simulation is based on the same software that is used in the gateways of various automotive manufacturers. It allows CiA447 compatible devices to access the cars' data, like dashborad components (buttons, displays).

The simulation can also 're-play' tours, which are simulations of driving along a specific route. The tour data visible on the network includes engine and location (GPS) data.

Functionality supported includes:

  • Ignition operation - key in/out, accessory, cranking, engine running
  • Cockpit display
  • Steering wheel buttons
  • Display
  • Keypads
  • Wakeup and sleep
  • Real-time object dictionary monitoring
  • Drivetrain simulation, including engine revolutions, wheen RPMs/pulses, fuel consumption, speed, odometer
  • GPS simulation
  • Body functionality (doors, seatbelts, wipers, etc.)
  • Horn and lights functionality
  • Icons
  • Master LSS functionality

The universal controller simulation

This simulation is a general-purpose application for controlling of specific types of nodes on a CiA447 (Car Add-On Devices) network. For example all inputs and outputs of an I/O module can be controlled, along with blue light flashers, roofbars, sound and other virtual devices.

The CiA447 Universal Controller operates as a simulated node with a controller virtual device. It participates in LSS and is assigned a node ID by a CiA447 gateway. Once the controller is running it continually looks for nodes appearing on the network and displays them in the network window. The controller can send wakeup messages and object to sleep requests, allowing for sleep/wake management testing.

Once a node is detected it's functionality can be accessed allowing detailed testing to be performed

Current supported virtual devices include:

  • Gateway
  • Switch keypad
  • Roofbar light
  • Roofbar sound
  • Input/Output
  • Information signaler
  • Blue light flasher
Additional CiA447 virtual devices can be added on request and can also be added by the user. Existing virtual device support can be user-customized. 

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