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MicroCANopen Plus

MicroCANopen Plus is a small-footprint, commercial-grade CANopen implementation with advanced features. Ideal for situations requiring medium configurability during run-time and great performance on any type of platform, and for building networks that include manager nodes, MicroCANopen Plus provides the most flexible solution. Auto-generated configuration from the EDS/DCF file makes its setup a quick and painless one-step process.

A regular CANopen stack will not work with CiA447! MicroCANopen Plus has a CiA447 add-on that provides the additional functionality used by the Car Add-on Devices profile.

Portable. MicroCANopen Plus is written in 100% standard ANSI C code allowing for straightforward porting. For targets without standard support packages, designers familiar with their target processor can easily perform the port themselves. Or, ask us for a quote to add support to your target!

Compact. ROM Specifications: 7K - 14K bytes (for CANopen Slaves) depending upon processor and options selected.

An Affordable Pricing Structure. MicroCANopen Plus offers a low, one-time fee and no royalties on deployed products and includes all source code with every purchase.

Feature Highlights

The following is a non-exhaustive overview of features in MicroCANopen Plus:

  • CiA447 support, including PDOs, fully-meshed SDOs, LSS FastScan and examples
  • NMT State Machine
  • Object Dictionary with Process Image
  • Expedited, segmented and block-transfer SDO
  • Multiple SDO servers
  • SDO fully-meshed (matrix) communication setup with up to 16 nodes when used together with the Manager Add-on
  • PDO with runtime-configurable event time, inhibit timer and transmission type
  • SYNC PDO, both receive and transmit
  • Heartbeat Generator
  • Heartbeat Consumers
  • Emergency Generator
  • Node Guarding (select platforms)
  • Non-volatile save/restore of parameters
  • Code configured from EDS or DCF file with CANopenArchitectEDS
  • Extensive call-back API interface
  • Memory access hooks for use of the stack in RTOS-based applications
More details and purchasing options can be found at our US store and our EU store.
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