CiA447 Tools

Tools and consulting for CANopen CiA447, Car Add-on Devices,
OneBox Single Vehicle Architecture (OBSVA)

The 447izer - instant access to CiA 447 networks

The "447izer" concept is to provide an exisiting application or device easy access to a CiA 447 network using a regular UART serial communication channel. "447izer" devices are currently available as ready-to-use modules or custom chips. The "447izer" software is available as a binary for the NXP LPC11C24 microcontrollers, others upon request.
Using the serial interface, the host application or device has the following communication options:

Receive Indications

When the "447izer" receives new data from the CANopen CiA447 network, it informs the host about the new data by sending it a data indication. This way the host receives information about changes in the network (device added or removed, information about the Virtual Devices implemented by the device) as well as all data changes of interest. Each indication includes the node ID of the device casuing the indication, the Object Dictionary entry affected (Index, Subindex) and the data written to that entry.

Transmit Commands

At any time, the host may send the "447izer" device a read or write command to the object dictionary of the "447izer" device or any other device on the network. This gives the host application access to all the Object Dictionaries of all the connected nodes.

Receive Responses 

Any command initiated by the host application results in a resonse returned from the "447izer". For write commands a write confirmation is returned. For read commands the result is returned.

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