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CANopen Magic

Debug and analyse the performance of your CANopen CiA447 nodes and network using CANopen Magic. Use sophisticated trace filtering and node access to test all aspects of your network. Simulate nodes under development.

CANopen Magic is a professional grade CANopen® development and simulation tool, indispensable for assisting in the development and debugging of CANopen® based networks. Using CANopen Magic, a CANopen® network may be monitored, configured, simulated and analyzed. Timings of message transmissions can be observed, allowing comparison against network specifications. Nodes may be quickly and easily configured and test messages generated with a minimum of effort.

The simulation system supports the real time execution on a PC of the CANopen® stack MicroCANopen Plus. Simulated nodes can be monitored and controlled, with process data visualisation. In addition simulated nodes can communicate with each other and with real nodes, allowing development and testing of CANopen® networks before hardware is available.

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Custom simulated nodes requires our CANopen stack - MicroCANopen Plus, available separately
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